Rebranding & Logo Design For Mishventurer

Although this wasn’t exactly done for a client (since the client is myself), I would still like to show you what a good rebranding can do to improve a brand. What was done here is to create a new logo and identity based on the old version, but making it look new and modern. I also migrated the old blog from Blogger to WordPress.


This was how the old logo looked like. The blog is kept intact, so you could head over to view it on the site. The client (me), wants the same fonts & style, but with additional graphics to improve on the brand’s identity. In this case, the new branding is called ‘Mishventurer’ – so a new logo that maintains the same fonts, but captures a more adventurous look and feel.


The logo is also more rectangular than long now, so it looks more proportionate, and balanced. It is also able to appear with or without the globe icon, which makes it a very versatile logo. To also create a cohesive brand experience, other elements are created to work with the logo throughout the blog, such as this travel log that shows all of the blog owner’s travel records, in a glance.


To check out the new site, please click here.

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