Branding for KW-JWEE Marketing

This client was a lot of fun to work for as they were a diamond in the rough – a brand with potential but unused/unharnessed by the company, as they did not know how to make the most out of their interesting brand colors and elements.

KW-JWEE is a company that is spear-heading the acoustic supply & design industry – with most of their products bearing a signature ‘acoustical’ feature.

Areas involved in this branding project:

  • Brand element & application
  • Name card redesign
  • Company Profile complete overhaul & redesign
  • Company Brochures complete overhaul & redesign
  • Branding strategy

The first thing I did was to create a brand element for them using their blue & green brand colors. They exclusively provide services and products using image transfer technology that have acoustic capabilities – so I wanted something edgy that was multi-faceted enough to represent their company’s innovation.

The brand element is in various shades of blue and green – and they are flexible enough to appear in any shape or form. The bar above was applied to all of their official documents – and I reshaped the element to be applied into their company’s name cards, as you can see below.

Aside from that, the brand element is included in their brand new Company Profile (which used to be just piece of A4 paper printed & stapled together) – and the overall Company Profile has more white space and feels more modern. We’ve also cut down on the amount of pages and kept only information that matters. A rewrite of the entire profile was also necessary to sync with the new look.

Aside from the profile, their brochures also require a sprucing up – so we got rid of the old inconsistent look and went with something that feels fresher. The covers were made consistent, changing only where the title is necessary.


As part of the branding initiative, a branding strategy presentation was also given on my part, to educate and discuss possible strategies the company could use to achieve brand awareness and turn followers into leads. For privacy & confidential purposes, I would not be sharing the entire slide here, but here’s the gist of it.

The result of the branding project left my client with a clearer vision of what their company represents and how best to present themselves.

So, if you are ever looking to do some branding or an overhaul of your company’s profile, drop me a line.

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