About-MeHello! My name is Michelle and I want to help you create exciting content and gorgeous graphics for your brand/website!

I started freelancing because I have a passion for aesthetically beautiful things. I also believe in the power of the pen, and the ability of words to capture emotions and change lives.

As of now, I have over 5 years of design experience in the magazine industry, and about 9 years of experience in the blogging world. The writing industry is still quite new to me, but I am learning along the way. You can say that I have since fused both my interests together, working on them simultaneously, because I can’t see myself doing anything else! I blog at mishventurer.com, a travel & lifestyle blog, which also includes some events and other happenings in my life.

As of March 2016: I’m currently the freelance Editor for Red Bull Malaysia’s media site, and working on their Social Content management too.

Throughout my years of corporate work, I balance my 9 to 5 job on one hand and my freelance work and blog on the other. It isn’t easy, but that has not stopped me, and I am always on the look-out for the next best project (that could be you!). You can see what some of my past clients have said about me. If you want to know what I can do for you, please feel free to browse through or ask.

In my spare time, I either blog or re-read the Harry Potter series, work on writing my own fiction, spend time with my cats, paint or plan my next big travel destination! I am based in Malaysia, but I am open to rendering my services to those who are based overseas too!

If you are ready to save some costs and get some work done, do contact me via email or my contact form.





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