4 Ways to Promote Your Freelance Services

Being a freelancer is tough. No lie. You have no one to rely on and no one’s going to carry any of the workload with you.

And it is a constant struggle to book client after client – cause you’ve got bills to pay and you need to ensure you can sustain yourself & the business both.

In my time, I have tried numerous ways to promote myself and what I do – and through trial and error, have found the best 4 ways you can promote your services as a freelancer.

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This is the very first thing I did when I started freelancing 2 years ago. Just like applying for a job, you should create a Media Kit (which serves sort of like your resume, or what I like to call my ‘menu’) to send out to prospective clients. Simply by emailing them and telling them about your services, you are most likely to book 1 client out of 15 emails you sent out, at least from my experience. Keep your email short, genuinely compliment them on something you’ve seen them doing, and then tell them who you are and why you’d love to work with them. Try not to stick to clients from just one industry, this is your time to try other industries that could benefit from your services.

Attend local events whose guest list is filled with people you’d like to potentially work with. Ask people about they do, learn what they are passionate about and then tell them what you do! Don’t be pushy and ask them to work with you, let them decide that for themselves. Just let them know what you do, how you can benefit businesses, and swap business cards so you both know where to find each other.

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Your friends and family are your best supporters, and they will talk you up more than anyone so use that to your advantage! Identify who amongst them are working with companies that you can potentially see yourself working with, and get their help to recommend your services to their company whenever possible. Make sure you tell them who your target market is so that they don’t recommend you to just anyone.

Do you have trustworthy and talented friends you could partner up with? If so, reach out to them and tell them you’ll refer clients to them if they’ll refer clients to you. For example, I have a photographer friend who sometimes recommends me to publications he shoots for, to do their magazine layouts. On my end, I do the same for him with clients whom I’m designing pages for. This works particularly well if the people you’re partnering with are in different (but related) industries to you.

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