Using The Law of Attraction In Business

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I believe whole-heartedly in the Law of Attraction.

It is this universal law, which has helped me become a freelancer in the most sustainable way possible. When I started out a year ago; I was all over the place, getting cheated by clients, given false promises and also earning just enough to survive. It wasn’t the life I imagined, and I was nearly on the verge of giving up.

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Now, 12 months down the road – I can comfortably sit down and tell you that I am working with people I genuinely like a lot, clients who are understanding and patient, and earning 10X more than what I was initially earning to survive.

The only difference? I practiced the Law of Attraction in my business.

I know many people are skeptical about this ‘new age’ philosophy, as they call it. Call it what you may but it is a lethal combination of positivity, dreams and mental clarity that will turn life into something worth living for.

I created this FREE ‘Manifest Your Business’ worksheet for all of you who are willing to give it a try. I mean it’s free, where’s the harm in it? You have 100% NOTHING to lose.


Before we get into details with this worksheet (details on how to get it at the end of the post), let me tell you why the Law of Attraction works!

No, I’m not talking about regular sleeping dreams. I am talking about ‘what you really want’ sort of dream. I always believe that whatever you want, you will get – if you have the dedication & patience for it. When you obsess about your dream, the universe sees it – and the Law of Attraction brings it to you. Not immediately, but eventually.

The one good thing about practicing the Law of Attraction is that it helps you remain positive. When you trust it whole-heartedly, all you need to do is to release all your worries and TRUST that it will happen. The key here is to be trusting in the process and always attract positivity in your life with positive thoughts and emotions.

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The Law of Attraction brings you only what you attract into your life. As they say: like attracts like, and bad will attract bad too. So if you are constantly having thoughts about failure, then you will receive more and more failures in future. But, if you change the way you think and only dwell on the positive things in life – then more positive things like that will come into your life. So this makes you the deciding factor.


Now that you understand how the Law of Attraction works, what comes next? Well, 3 things:

Whatever it may be, you envision every single aspect f your dream in great detail. I know you probably want more than one thing at a time, but let’s focus on one thing for now. Say you want to open a café, what do you need to do to strengthen this dream? You use your imagination! Imagine what the café would look like, what you will serve your customers and how packed it will be every day. You are only limited by your imagination.

No dream can happen without putting in the work. The Law of Attraction is not a reason for you to be lazy – it is a tool to help attract the right people and things to help you achieve your dreams faster! The universe only requires you to create a daily to-do goal that benefits your business and routines that will help you be happier and positive (because positivity help you attract all the good things better).


Your imagined dream and your goals must work hand-in-hand each day to bring you closer to getting what you want. Never wane, never worry and never say never. I have just the precise ritual that I myself use, to help you utilise the Law of Attraction in your favour – and it’s all readily listed in my FREE worksheet!

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Ready to manifest your dream business? Get the worksheet now and start working your personal Law of Attraction.


This file is in my secret password protected section of the site, MF Creative Tools & Resources, with a few other worksheets in my digital library – it’s exclusive to all of my subscribers (if you already are a subscriber, please check your email for the latest access password).

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