What I Learnt From Refining My Brand

Previously, I talked about the importance of a rebrand in ‘7 Reasons You Should Rebrand’. Not long after that, I read that post again and some of the points resonated with me on a deeper level.

I found that my current branding was a good representation of what I do, but it wasn’t strong enough.

The point that got to me was #2 YOU’RE NOT ATTRACTING THE RIGHT CUSTOMERS – the right customers add value to your overall brand. I realised that my former branding style was perceived as corporate, and it was too corporate for my liking. Based on some of my works for Mrs & Momma or Nelissa Hilman, you can tell that my style of creative work was more skewed to the softer side. My ideal clients would be female bloggers, entrepreneurs and people who love brush fonts.

Therefore, my former brand identity was to skewed to corporate directions – because I used marble and gold. The initial idea was this:

michelle freelances

“As an element, I’m using marble (in black & white, depending on the situation) to represent the high quality of my work in which I take the utmost care to do. Marble also comes in various colours and design, and no two are ever the same, which represents the work I do for each of you. As for the gold, well, it just looks great with marble and enhances the effect.”

The problem with it was my element – I chose the wrong one which I thought represented what I am, but in fact, it misrepresented what I prefer to do. My clients were not what I had in mind, and that has made some projects really un-fun.

So, what did I do to remedy this? Well, I created a board of things that I love, and want to bring into my brand!

moodboard moodboard

Out of everything here, I am in love with the dark tones, florals and little hints of bright colour. I also am a fan of brush-fonts, so I decided to make those part of my site element as well.

I kept my original logo the same, but I refined it by adding the circular element, and also some text to explain what MF stands for, and at the bottom, a short but clear description of what I actually do.


The round logo trend has been around for a few years now, but I believe it is a timeless design that would still be a ‘thing’ for the next 10 years. The fact that this logo is versatile is what I really like about it – I sometimes use ‘MF’ on its own without the circle and text, and that is the core of my brand’s identity.

So, for the site, I have decided to use a floral approach. From gold and marbles, I took my round element and added it to nature, creating a softer look that better represents who I am as a Creative Freelancer.


Other floral elements can be seen for my newsletter sign ups at the bottom of my About page, and subtle foliage textures for the graphics used in my Photoshop Courses. I even recreated my media kit to suit the floral theme, which I will talk about in my next post.

So these are my reasons for refining (not rebranding) my brand’s identity. Why did I use it all over my site and documents? Well, because it gives a cohesive brand experience, as I mentioned before.

Are you looking to refine your brand’s identity as well? Do these reasons to rebrand apply to you? If so, come talk to me.

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