6 Things To Do Before You Publish + FREE Checklist

Bloggers are passionate people. We like to share our life story and all the things that we’ve done. The same goes for small business owners too, who are passionate about sharing their work and products. We want people to read what we share, and like them as much as we do. Oftentimes, we write loads and loads of words to promote these things – but we fail to check them – resulting in a lot of errors within!

Why not check your post again before you hit the publish button? After all, you took so much time in writing it, what’s another few minutes to double check a few more things? If you can’t even bother to re-read your own writing, how are you going to expect readers to do so?

It’s always important to run a last check (I do this for ALL my blog posts) because it will help you ensure that everything is on point, and it helps you make the best out of your post! This is why I created a FREE printable checklist that you can print and use to run through your post each time before you publish them. Can I get a yay?


Your post title is the most important thing when it comes to marketing your blog post. Even if you have great content, people might not want to click and read it because your title isn’t magnetic enough to make them want to read through. A good post title has:

  • Keywords of what the post is about
  • Persuasive/Mysterious tone to encourage people to click

The keywords contribute to your site’s SEO so that when people search for a related subject, your post will pop up on the search engines. You also have to make it sound compelling, so that readers will be curious to know more.

Here’s an example of a not-so-great title: “Learn About Google Analytics’ New Features”
Here’s a better version: “5 Ways The New Google Analytics Features Can Help You Grow Your Blog”

The second version is better because it targets a specific group (bloggers) and it also contains keywords like ‘help’ and ‘grow’ – which are the most common words used by people who are looking for information.

Most readers do not like reading a BIG chunk of text. Especially if you have teeny tiny fonts. But no matter what the font size, a huge chunk of text is never great.

Relook everything you have written, and break them down into sections, and give them subheadings if you want (don’t forget to bold them). At least this will give your readers a nice break from the previous section. Your subheadings should also be magnetically interesting (use the theory from point 1) to make your readers curious to find out more.

Every new post is an opportunity to reintroduce a great old post you have written before. For one, it is very helpful for your readers, who might want to find out more information about say, branding (see what I did there?) and at the same time, it keeps people on your blog much longer! #winning

When your post is shared on Facebook, Bloglovin or Pinterest, or even your own page’s ‘recent posts‘ or ‘top posts’ sliders, this will be the image that will pop up for everyone to see. Very useful since it is already proven that people are more likely to click on links that have accompanying imagery. So once your beautiful image is out there, it is easier for people to connect your brand with your posts, and will be more likely to click it.

This encourages discussion. It is an open invitation for other bloggers to voice their piece, based on what you have written. You would be surprised at just how many people actually enjoy doing this.

Some examples of questions that you are curious to know about your reader’s thoughts: “do you think GA’s new features are worth upgrading”, “what are your expectations of these new features?” or even “what other changes would you like GA to make?” Go crazy, there are so many ways of doing this, but pick a question that you genuinely want to know the answer to.

Yes, I know most of you are rolling your eyes at this. But honestly, there are so many people who do not proofread and I have captured so many spelling and grammatical mistakes throughout the entire post! Someone even spelt the brand name wrong. *facepalms*

Poofreading not only helps you catch those minor mistakes, it also helps you to see your post from a reader’s point of view. Because of this, I usually find myself rearranging chunks of text so that the overall flow reads better.


It really is that simple, and it makes a whole lot of difference to how people see your post, trust me. Now that you understand what I mean, it is time to download your FREE printable checklist! There are some extra stuff on that checklist too for you to use.


This freebie is available in my secret Creative Tools & Resources Library, find out how to get access here!

Do you think these steps I listed above are necessary? I’d like to know!


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