How To Write A Great ‘About Me’ Page

MichelleFreelances- Write Great About Me Page

On any blog or website, the ‘About Me’ page is probably one of the most popular, most useful and most read page; but unfortunately, it is also the most under-utilised page by the blog owners. Most people do not realise just how important a kick-ass About Me page really is for the growth of your blog or business.

Writing a great About Me is more than just saying “Hi I’m Michelle and I come from Kuala Lumpur. I am a Leo and I like Japanese food”, and an iPhone photo of your face. No, that is what school children write on their biodata books for their friends to sign. Your About Me page is not there to communicate to a bunch of friends, but rather, people who want to know what your site (and you) are all about.

Fortunately, there is a simple formula to writing an A+ About Me page and I am here to guide you. These are my 5 top tips of what you should consider including when drafting your story.

You need to know what is the value your site is giving to your readers first. Are you a motivational blog? Maybe an online jewellery business? If your blog has too many things, find a niche. That’s the first step.

This is just as important as knowing what your site is all about. Who are you targeting your blog or products to? Say for example that I’m a motivational blog. I do not write plainly that I’m a motivational blog that helps demotivated people (even though I am). The right way to phrase this is to say something like:

“Launched in 2015 to inspire others, and is a rapidly-growing community of people who are spreading good vibes everywhere.”

It connects better with an audience and it gives a better explanation of what your blog can do for them.

After you give a great introduction to your site, you should start adding in extra nuggets of information about your site that would also interest your target audience. Answer the questions below to help you list down what your site can offer your readers. I’m going to answer them again, under the pretext that I’m a motivational blog.

– Why should they read your blog? Eg.“If you like feel-good stories and heartwarming anecdotes, you will feel right at home here.”

– What can they get out of your posts? Eg.“Learn the secrets to a life of happiness, and start living the life you love with my life lessons.”

– Does your blog have any credibility? (Optional) Eg.“I was part of the World Peace Movement and was featured on XXX (link) as one of the Top 10 most peace-loving blogs.”

– How did your blog/business get started? Give your side of the story now that you’ve got their attention, but don’t write an essay! Just a short summary would do. Eg.”It started when I was 23, and unhappy with life…”

After all of that you can share a little bio about yourself, just so your readers can get a rough idea of who you are. State a few hobbies, and if you are married or own a cat. Anything you feel comfortable sharing that makes you unique to them. If I own a motivational blog, I’d probably be something like: “I enjoy yoga retreats and meditation, which I practice daily. I live with a dog named Sam and we are both vegetarian (believe it or not). In my spare time, I like to upcycle old furniture and turn them into art pieces which I then donate to charity auctions.”

Many people skip this, or are just not aware that such a thing exists. A CTA is a call-to-action. You see it everywhere in advertisements – buy now, purchase today, get yours now, etc. While we bloggers aren’t really selling anything, we are trying to gain loyal readership. So what you do is you create a CTA that will encourage people to subscribe to you (or in my case, to hire me).

For example, in my About page, I start with a CTA at the beginning to tell potential clients what I can do for them – which might make them consider hiring me. Later on at the end of my About page, I have my visual CTA to ask readers to kindly subscribe to me for extra tips on blogging. Your CTA should be direct, and it should reflect your blog/business clearly to avoid confusing your readers.

And that’s all there is to it. I suggest you answer each of the points listed above in order, then piece them together to form your perfect About Me. Trust me, a strong About page will help bring up the number of subscribers as well as your readership.

Are you currently a subscriber? If you’re not, come on, let’s be buds! (See what I did there?)


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