Scheduling Social Media Benefits Your Blog

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As bloggers & online business owners, we all own a blog where we share interesting posts and bring in our target audience to read and to gain something from our writing. However, being in charge of your own website can seem overwhelming at times because you are the admin, writer, editor, photographer, designer, PR, marketer, strategist.. the list goes on. As a blogger myself, I understand that it can get really crazy.

Fortunately, I found a way to relieve some of the stress – with a simple thing called social scheduling. There are many great apps out there that allows you to schedule your social media and I’ll share two of my favourites below which I use on a daily basis.

You know what social media scheduling has helped me do? BREATHE! I am more productive when I am not wasting time every hour to so a social media shoutout. Let me tell you why it is the greatest:

    I swear, I get more work done. Before social scheduling, I stop work every hour or so to give a shoutout to one random blog post of mine. I do this only to find myself sucked into reading and looking at people’s posts and links on my feed, and there goes an hour of productivity. Right now, I schedule everything in the morning, so that I do not have any more interruptions for the rest of the day. More productivity? Yes.
    Before this, I’d usually pick a blog post at random and post it on the spot. I did not recall what was posted in the last shoutout and nor do I know what will I post next. Scheduling posts has helped me see all my day’s posts clearly, and I can plan and strategize around that. For example, if I post one thing about travel among many other random topics in a day, a traveller might only read that one post and then lose interest. But, if I strategize and post only all my travel-related posts, it will catch the traveller’s attention and he/she will end up looking at each and every other post and maybe even share it with their friends. (If you are a business owner, this might eventually convert readers into sales for you). This is the advantage of having a strategy.
    Scheduling has helped me achieve better consistency with my social media and blog. I find that now I attract more readers and followers to my blog because of my consistency with the topics. Like for example, on Mondays I’d schedule motivational posts (Why? Because people get Monday blues, of course). Tuesdays are for fashion related posts. On Thursdays, I pick travel because I read somewhere that it is the peak day of the week where people would buy flight tickets. This means that on Mondays I get more ‘positivity’ accounts following and retweeting me, Tuesdays I get lotsa love from fashionistas and on Thursdays I attract all the world travellers. (By far, travel is the biggest crowd pleaser). Works like a charm.

“The essence of strategy is choosing what NOT to do.”
– Michael Porter

So you see, you have much to gain from scheduling your posts. It may seem easy, but I can assure you that many people do not even bother with it. I schedule lesser posts on weekends because my readership is usually the lowest then, but I spend my Sunday strategizing for the week.

Okay, so my two favourite social scheduling apps are Buffer and Hootsuite.

They are easy to use and are great management tools. I use a time-blocking strategy to spread my posts out throughout the day. It’s simple, just schedule a post for say 10am. The next one should come about 11.30am. Why? Because people get hungry by then and are waiting to go out for lunch, so they use this time to scroll about social media (Trust me, I know *guilty face*). Then right after, you can schedule a 1pm post for when these happily fed folks come back from their lunch break.

This is an example of a strategy I use on my blog based on my analytics which shows a spike in traffic during these times. It could differ from blog-to-blog, so I suggest you study your blog’s analytics before you strategize and schedule your posts. Each blog and business is different, so see what works best with yours by first knowing and understanding your target audience. The rest will work itself out by trial and error.

Have you been scheduling your posts before this? What are your favourite online tools to use?


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