Blog Branding And Why It Matters

MichelleFreelances Blog Branding Why It Matters

I have had my share of ugly logo designs– those with my face plastered all over it *cringes and hides in a corner* and the use of strong neon colours with really bad graphics. We all have been there at one point or another, getting our logos done either by Photoshop-experiment or done by a fellow design-student friend.

It only took me a year to realise that a good branding doesn’t mean that I need to plaster my face all over everything, thank goodness. But for many, it could be quite a challenge if they do not understand the basics of branding in the first place. If you are looking to rebrand your blog/online business, it is crucial to first understand what your brand needs.

These are my top 3 tips when it comes to re-branding your blog:

    When I first designed my own logo for a blog I owned in 2007, I didn’t know who I wanted to attract so I used my face in all of the logos. I only wanted everyone to know who this blogger is. Of course, it didn’t work to attract the audience I wanted which were potential clients who would pay me to blog. Since making the change, things have definitely gotten better.
    This should be done carefully to see what works and what doesn’t. It all depends on your blog’s genre as well; for example: if you are a business blog, it is only obvious that you should stay away from purples & pinks as they would not attract the right audience. That will cause you to lose a percentage of potential traffic. Most people associate colour like ‘pink’ with a beauty/fashion blog and therefore, will not take the time to look at it if they are looking for a business-centric blog.
    No matter how awesome your site design is, if you do not have a clear message, it would only confuse your audience. Be clear about who you want to appeal to, and get an idea of what your blog can provide. Then translate all of this into a functional branding that can help you tell a summary of your story in just one glance.

“Branding is crucial to help you reach the right target audience.”

Before I came up with my MF logo, I went through about 100 different logo design sketches – ranging from image logos, minimalist hipster styles and plain text. This here is my thought process and various scribbles that never even made it to the computer.


Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 1.41.01 PM

Overtime, I came to realise that for a service site like mine, that works to appeal to clients, has to be a solid, no nonsense sort of logo, while still injecting values that I want to portray. Which is why I came up with a simple logo that consists of the letters MF.

The letters are written in a brush stroke to represent the design services I provide, and the MF letters in lowercase represents my copywriting services. As an element, I’m using marble (in black & white, depending on the situation) to represent the high quality of my work in which I take the utmost care to do. Marble also comes in various colours and design, and no two are ever the same, which represents the work I do for each of you. As for the gold, well, it just looks great with marble and enhances the effect. And so goes the final result.

*UPDATE: I have since refined my branding based on this initial design. Check out what I did to refresh it here.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 2.00.03 PM

Good branding can help your audience grow by leaps and bounds when you also have the perfect brand strategy in place (which I will talk about another time). If you need any help with your business woes, drop me a line!

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10 thoughts on “Blog Branding And Why It Matters

  1. Laura says:

    Wow, that sounds really cool! I would love to have the chance to rebrand my blog and get a proper logo in preparation for a domain. *fingers crossed* Will be looking around your site to see your works. 🙂


    1. Michelle L. says:

      Hey Laura, thanks for stopping by! There isn’t much here yet (new site too!) but there will be loads of helpful blog posts coming up in the coming weeks that can be useful for bloggers like you. Stay tuned and good luck for the branding selection!!


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