Standing Out In A Saturated Industry

MichelleFreelances- stand out in a saturated industry

I have been doing a little research and found that the freelance industry is pretty saturated. There is always someone better, someone faster and someone more in-the-know than you.

But we can’t let that stop us from doing what we need to do to survive, can we? However, through my research and a detailed scrutiny of the industry I have come to this conclusion:

The best way to stand out in your industry is by consistently providing value.

A new idea is not necessarily a good idea. Instead, working on an existing idea to make it better, is the best approach. Case study? Take Uber for example. Taxis have been around since 1897. The ‘service’ was already invented, but what Uber did was to add VALUE to that by polishing it. They created an app, that makes it easy to be ‘chauffeured’ from point A to B, just like a taxi – and although the service module is technically the same thing, it has the added value of convenience and safety. The only thing Uber had to focus on was to be easily accessible and to improve on what taxis cannot give. The blueprint was already laid out and they added their own personal touch.

Based on the case study above, I believe that we have to  create an experience for our audience. To stand out, we have to find a blueprint that works and add our own authenticity to make it better. Apply the basics, and then put energy into mastering what makes YOU valuable.

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