Nearly There.. I Think


So, my first step into the freelancing world is nearly complete! Setting up a blog is easy, but to actually get out there.. now that is another ball game altogether!

Freelancing is new to me, and it is VERY SCARY! I have never done anything out on my own before (without financial back-up from the corporate world)! *gasp* And now that I’m FINALLY going onto this path, my fears of going bankrupt or having loads of problems are haunting me. I feel like I’m on tether hooks – I’m toeing the invisible ‘decision’ line and running back and forth between safety and the unknown.

So much rests on the people I approach and so far, it’s been pretty tough due to the economy – but I am first and foremost a dreamer, and dreamers never give up!

Wish me luck, I’m working on more things and (hopefully) will have more to show for it!

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